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I'm back and I have lots to write

It's been a long absence. I know. I just vanished.  Life happens that way sometimes. Last year I wrote through some major upheaval.  This year, I finally needed some time to channel my thoughts and focus my efforts.

So hello. I'm back.  I'm truly sorry if you missed me. I missed being here.

Last week at this time, I was in Cuba under a bright sky.  In a whole week, I used one hour of slow internet connection time.  I let the waves and the drinks in the sunshine and the kindness of the staff help me settle into a kind of quiet.  And then I let waves of thought move through me. I began to relax into some of the big thoughts I needed to think.

Sometimes you have to slow down to go fast.

What have I been thinking about?  Same old, same old. The way human beings discover and experience themselves. How we make change so that the experience is more satisfying - whatever that means to us. What are the steps and elements of learning? How can I get to more people so that more people…