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Managing through confusion, chaos and January

How's your new year going? Mine is starting with chaos. Family situations that take endless energy and tons of time. A big month for training combined with the need to upgrade bookkeeping and phone systems. The software I use to manage my website just crashed: possibly permanently.

Of course, I'm frazzled. But I'm optimistic. Deliberately optimistic. I keep refocusing on what I have and figuring out how to handle what I need. I take my vitamins and get some sleep and start again. This is not because I'm smart and strong. It's because I have been deliberately building resilience for the past 17 years.

If you feel overwhelmed, know that you can learn to manage what you need to manage. Life happens to all of us, even when we're well-prepared. When we practice managing frustration and fatigue and too many emotions, we don't avoid them. We just deal with them. The people who study with me at NLP Canada Training want more satisfying lives. They have been through …