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Welcome to a new beginning

I've spent the summer integrating: allowing lots of different experiences and influences to settle into place. After two books and lots of work on the next evolution of our NLP+ and NLP Practitioner certification, it's time for a fresh focus and energy here. 
Over the years, I have heard many theories about the most important drivers of learning, satisfaction and influence. I've been taught that rapport is the key to influence. That didn't seem true. Great leaders don't always spend a lot of time or effort to meet your where you live. They allow you to move to them. I've been taught that sensory acuity was the key to success. That seemed more true, but it didn't explain how to keep your senses turned up while also noticing patterns and creating change. Some NLP trainers even feel that the key to success is following someone else's methods. While I see the merit in starting on proven ground, I can't see the key to change being the ability to do the …