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The 4 Ps for Parents Who Want to Encourage Their Kids

Encouragement means more than cheering people on. According to Google, it means"give support, confidence, or hope to (someone)." That makes encouragement the key to helping your kids find what they need to face their challenges and pursue their goals, whether they are toddlers or teens or much older than that.

If you have a kid who is anxious or stuck, you can use the 4P process to help them find what they need to feel better and do better.
The first P is for presence. Your kid needs your undivided attention. I know it's hard to put all your attention in one place. You have a million things to do and you're tired and easily distracted. But think of it from your kid's point of view, and you'll understand why focused attention is important. There's not much that makes kids more anxious than fighting for their parent's attention. They feel insecure as soon as they think that they're losing you, and they feel safer as soon as they feel that you are tr…