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Here's to a Life Well Lived in 2013

When people ask me what NLP is, I tell them what the words mean and then I tell them what we do at NLP Canada Training. The two things overlap, of course, but they are not the same.

Neurolinguistic programming means combining experience with language in patterns to produce tangible, predictable results. NLP offers a set of practices for using the natural processes of the brain to accelerate learning and decision making.  The work we do at NLP Canada Training gives people improved flexibility in determining what they want and communicating in ways that help them get it.

And, what does that get them?

If you practice NLP, you'll recognize the question.  The answer is why NLP Canada Training is a special place and why it matters where you choose to study NLP.  The people who love our training are people who want to stretch and grow and have a sustainable, positive impact. They are people in the process of shaping a life well-lived.

We all choose different paths to get there, but the p…