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The excitement of finding my book on Amazon and Kobo

Happy Canada Day! Being Canadian is an important part of how I see the world. When I started to wonder how to explain the interaction of conscious thinking, unconscious processing and the body, I naturally thought about Canada. So many different regions, each distinct and able to live well on its own, but each living better as part of a wonderful nation. That's when a friend developed this logo for me.

Over the years, my understanding of how thinking works has developed. I've built on that initial hunch that we are integrated beings where different parts retain their unique properties but also come together so that something amazing can emerge. Sometimes now, we wrap that understanding around our logo so that it looks like this:

Today, I discovered that my new book has appeared at Kobo and at Amazon. Although it was wonderful to hold the first hard copy in my hands, seeing it available for e-readers all over the world dazzles me. I now take my place with all the Canadians who …