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My mission (and a surprise)

Here is a message I wrote to remind myself who I am and what I want to be doing:

Decide what I want to do every day and set up work to allow me to succeed every day. I want to teach, to reach for new awareness and understanding, to connect with other people and to build structures, verbal and real, that make it easier for people to express their best selves. My success will be to do what I want, what I believe, with as much of my time as I can manage.

To be successful but dissatisfied is not so much a paradox as an error in judgment. My goal is to do things everyday that make me feel good about who I am and who I am becoming. It's a self-renewing goal that can be achieved without being over.

My business is to convince all the people with whom I work to push a little harder, to understand a little more and to give shape or expression to their best understanding. I believe in knowledge, creativity, integrity and relationship.

All I need to do is to evaluate each day against these go…