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Intention, Structure and Practice: My Writing Process

My friend and colleague, Sheri Andrunyk (an NLPCT Master Practitioner) has been developing a wonderful partnership publishing program at IC Publishing. Sheri Andrunyk is the founder of I C Publishing and the I C Bookstore, entrepreneur expert, and author of Working From Home & Making It Work and Hearts Linked by Courage; and she is extremely passionate about providing more choices and high level support to other writers, business professionals, wellness coaches, and spiritual mentors.
Sheri is an expert is getting the word out about independent authors and publishers. She invited me to participate in a virtual book tour and I am delighted to blog the results.
What am I working on?At the moment I am in the final proofs of my most recent book, Living Your Purpose: The Heart of NLP. It is that stage most hated by authors, the one where I have to do one more brutally detailed reading and decide the book is ready to be released into the world.  As soon as I do, I will be doing a rewrite …

Should you manage time, attention or results?

I am in one of those periods when I am beyond busy. It happens to me from time to time: I have lots of commitments to lots of people (including me) and I really, really need to produce a lot in a limited amount of time. Some of what I need to produce is not especially fun.

What do you do? I recently received coaching emails from a well-known expert that talked about getting rid of wasted time and managing time in 30 minute increments. It's easy to agree in theory, but I don't think I do.  Agree, I mean. I also don't manage time this way.

Who are you when you know yourself? What's important to you? Some of the things that are important to me are a belief that the arts make us smarter and an equally powerful belief that God (substitute the universe if you are more comfortable with that) doesn't punish us for being present with people who need help or support or just to have company. So I fit music and art into my schedule even when they don't fit. And I sit with …

What's so great about grit?

I took this picture last week as a reminder that grit happens. As the snow melts and the seasons change, the first result is grit: on the sidewalks; on the melting heaps of snow; in the mess of the gardens. Spring begins with robins and crocuses and grit.

We often confuse what is pretty with what is useful. Bunches of tulips in the grocery stores and florists are pretty. They are a sign that spring has arrived somewhere. Mucky puddles with salt and sand left over from colder days are a sign that spring is creeping up on you.

When you think about it, you might find that many changes begin like this. Grit happens whenever you want something bad enough to be willing to produce some grit to make it happen. Grit happens when you look at what you have just written and erase it all to make it better. Grit happens when you follow the instructions to the letter and it doesn't work and you start all over again. Grit happens when you are used to feeling good at something and you risk being …