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Build Strength Through Uncertainty

How do you do it? We all have strategies for the days when the clock is ticking but what we need is not happening. We all have strategies for getting through uncertainty.

There is no magic bean that will eliminate uncertainty. And uncertainty goes to the heart of what makes human beings most uncomfortable: we don't know what is coming next. Our brains have evolved to keep us safe by predicting the future, but it's often an impossible task. There's no way to know for use what will come next and so there is no way to prepare for it without wasting resources we might need to guard against something unpredictable. So our brains go in circles, running their best predictions and then running them again with whatever new information becomes available.

But there are so many situations where we just don't know. We don't know how long, how much, or how often. We don't know the outcome of the project or the illness or the relationship. We can guess. We do guess. We do wh…