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Is tasting the best way to make a choice?

I really enjoy sitting down with a flight of beverages and doing a tasting. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m tasting wine or beer or scotch. I love the activity of responding and balancing choices and noticing how what comes before or after changes my perception of a particular sip. But knowing what I know from both research and personal experience, I am cautious about generalizing my evaluation based on just a small sample.

Once we needed to buy new chairs for the boardroom at our office. We put a line of about ten different chairs out and people sat in each one in turn and voted on their favourites. We bought the favourites and discovered that sitting in a chair for just a few minutes is very different than sitting in the same chair for several hours. We tested, but we didn’t get a reliable result.
When I was in grade 1, I took some tests as a demo for teachers who had to learn to administer them. They asked me what I would like to do while the rest of the class took the tests later. I …

How to take control of your energy budget

You might not think that you have an energy budget, but you do. Whether you call it energy or willpower or discipline or motivation, something drives you and sometimes, you run out of it. Whatever you call it, energy is both a physical reality and an emotional one. And either you manage it, or it will manage you.

Here are three ways to think about your day:

I do things when they are scheduled.I do things when I feel up to them.I go with the flow. Which of these does the best job of matching your energy to meeting your goals for the day? Probably none of them work very well. You're using energy but not necessarily generating enough so that you have the supply you need when you need it. You're probably either putting off stuff that needs to be done, or frustrated by having more energy than you need for some kinds of tasks.

Here's a better idea. Think about your day and ask these three questions: When do I have the most energy?What takes the most energy?How can I recharge when …