Is certification important?

You want something more, a change in your thinking, an edge to motivate you. You've been exploring NLP because you heard something or read something. But it's complicated. It's almost overwhelming. There are so many different trainings with official-sounding names and long lists of techniques. How do you know what you need?

Here is one hard truth: anyone can print a certificate. Anyone can make up techniques and then give you a certificate to say that you were in the course.  If you are pursuing a certification to "prove" yourself or to find the difference that finally wins you the job or promotion, you will probably be disappointed. This is not what certification does well.

Here is what our certification in NLP does very well. It trains you in a set of techniques (sometimes called patterns in the NLP jargon) that allow you to change what you give your attention so that you can change the opportunities you see and the results you get. The certificate is not important for what it says about you. It is important for what it says about us. When I sign a certificate, I am saying that I am willing to have my training judged by your results. You have proof that you participated in my training and that means that I have tied my success to your success.

The best guarantee I can offer is a certificate with my name on it that says the world can judge me by the changes you achieve. I sign a certificate when someone has participated fully and I can see that they are beginning the changes that will make a difference for them. For some people, the changes are complete within a training, and for others it will take months to make all the changes real that begin in our practitioner training. The certificate means that I will stand by and support a graduate while those changes work through their lives.

Our certificate means I and my fellow trainers stand behind the work we have done and the work we are doing. You could learn the techniques without a certificate (you could learn many of them without a course). Without a certificate, you would not know that I am willing to tie my own success to the results you get when you train with me.

That is the power in the certificate.


Born2Bless said…
This is really very unique way of speaking about Certification...!!
This speaks a lot about your sense of Accountability..

Thank you for professing this.
I wish, may this inspire other professionals and set a trend.

With warm regards.
ICS said…
What is the difference between the Trainer and Master trainer?
Does Master Trainer allow one to further train others?
Different organizations set up their certifications differently. In some organizations, a Trainer can run courses for practitioners and masters and a Master Trainer can train trainers.

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