Relaxed and Ready

Can you think of a time when you were relaxed and ready? Go back to that moment and thoroughly live it. Notice your breathing and allow your attention to move through your body with your breath. Notice the way you hold your head and your shoulders, the tilt of your body, the tension in your thighs or the weight on your feet. Become aware of the energy patterns that move through you as you are relaxed and ready. Thoroughly enjoy this moment.

Now think of a situation where the ideal state for you would be relaxed and ready. Allow your attention to focus on that particular situation. As you think about it, allow your breathing to become deep and regular and comfortable. Notice the sounds and sights and feelings of being in this moment as you think about the situation where you would like to be relaxed and ready. Ask yourself, "do I have the resources and skills to be relaxed and ready in this situation?" Let your breathing settle. Ask yourself, "are there skills or resources outside my awareness that I can drawn on now to be relaxed and ready?" Let your breathing settle. Ask yourself, "is there anything stopping me from being relaxed and ready."

If something is stopping you, let your breathing settle and your awareness notice the sights and sound and feelings you have as your eyes close and you generate dozens of alternatives to answer the need that is stopping you and allow you to become relaxed and ready. Continue to breath steadily and comfortably. Take as long as you need to find an acceptable path to being relaxed and ready.

Notice how easy it is to smile now.


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