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Welcome to the blog of NLP Canada Training Inc.

I chose this picture to open our blog because it represents so much of what it means to use integrated thinking to perceive our integrated lives. At the time the picture was taken, Chris and I were not particularly aware of being in synch; to the casual eye, there might be a general impression of connection or even an impression of some difference. It takes a more careful eye to notice how many gestures and lines in one of us are mirrored in the other. Although the conversation may have been about difference (in approach, in perception, or in what we wanted for lunch), our body language emphasizes our connection. The truth is in the integration of the two impressions; we were different enough so that communication was useful and the communication was directed toward the tighter connection that is reflected in the picture.

This is the value of thinking with our whole selves. The whole relationship includes both the truth told by words and the truth told by the picture. Conscious attention (often expressed through language) provides us with an extremely useful direction; unconscious attention (the processes that run at the back of the mind) are multi-layered, multi-dimensional patterns that unfold with speed and precision. When individuals improve the way they integrate conscious, front-of-mind direction with back-of-mind processing, they achieve more and are more satisfied with what they achieve.

In the coming days, I will be writing about how good it feels to pull different aspects of ourselves into integration, and to pull ourselves into tighter integration with our families, communities, coworkers, and organizations. Working with all of our talents, passions, reason, and senses feels terrific, builds health and welfare, and creates amazing results.


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