Happy Thanksgiving!

We are often reminded to count our blessings at Thanksgiving - reminded so often that the act of counting blessings seems more like a guilty exercise in keeping score and not at all blessed. How often do lists really help with anything except accumulating checkmarks (which I will admit to liking from time to time)?

Instead of going wide by counting blessings (and ending up wide of the mark) why not go deep and just imagine one blessing in all its rich and wonderful connotation and detail? If you have ever developed even a small well-formed outcome, you can apply the same process to something that has already happened in order to appreciate with all your senses how exactly right that something was.

Chris and I are thankful together for everyone who came out to play with us on Wednesday night: for the brave new people getting their feet wet and for the practitioners who carried them through positive reframes, calibrations and the gathering of resources. We are thankful for the sound of the training room: laughter and movement and something in the air that signaled the belief that we move forward through serious play.

And we are thankful for each other, for each of the unique blessings that come with having a partner to steady our balance, and fill in our blind spots and pull us forward.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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