Happy New Year from NLPCT!

We write this on the final day of 2005. Nothing actually begins on New
Year's Day except the calendar. No seeds are sown; no harvest arrives.
The days begin lengthening before January 1st. And yet, it is a day to
celebrate beginnings, a day that marks our understanding that even
birth begins before we see its signs.

Whether or not you write resolutions on this day, you have been
continuously planting seeds in preparation for the beginnings that will
happen in your life in 2006. As you look toward the coming months, you
have a choice: you can watch to see what happens to survive and thrive
or you can nurture a garden of chosen plants, enjoying the anticipation
of what will come almost as much as the actual blossoms. Like any
gardener, you will find that very little is entirely within your
control and that even less is entirely beyond your influence.

Whatever your gardening choices, we wish you a year of peace,
prosperity and pleasant surprises,

Linda & Chris


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