What will you do today that will change 2006?

We are all familiar with the concept that a small shift early in a trajectory makes a big difference to where one arrives ultimately. While course correction is always possible, it is also possible that what you do today will have significant impact on all of 2006.

So even though grey Wednesday mornings are not typically the most compelling time of the week, it is possible that what you do this morning will matter: what you think will matter. As you imagine the arc of the year, you notice how a small change today offers new possibilities that widen out enticingly.

What small change will you make today so that 2006 takes you where you want to go? Will you smile instead of snapping? Grab a water instead of a coffee? Write someone a note of congratulations instead of another problem report? Will you adjust your attitude so that you can once again pick out what you want from the heap that waits on your desk?

You can think whatever you want to think this morning, turn your senses to noticing what you want to notice, understand yourself to be moving forward in time and development. As a human being, you are capable of resisting or even ignoring circumstance so that you can focus your thoughts on something that is compelling for you. Take a moment and notice where you will direct your thoughts and actions this year.

You do not have to change everything. A small change will be sufficient to put you on course.


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