Influence and Ideas

Did you ever know anyone who was "influential" without having any ideas? While people of influence do not always have good ideas, they always have ideas that they believe are good. Their belief is so compelling that it comes to influence other people, to convince them to believe and participate in making the idea real.

People who know what they want are rarely short of ideas. Ideas come as naturally as breathing to them. The more they know what they want, the more ideas they have. Test this theory wherever you go this week. Notice that people who know what they want generate ideas and people who are uncertain about what they want are influenced by ideas.

This is a good thing: the influence of people with ideas can inspire us to reach beyond our own limits. It can give us faith when we need faith and motivation when we need to get moving. The influence of people who know what they want teaches us to know what we want.

What do you want? If you know the answer, what ideas are percolating that will move you toward what you want? If you don't know the answer, where will you find a model who can influence you until you are ready to influence others?


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