The mysterious moment of choice

How do you make choices? You will notice, as you think about it now, that any choice is an edge: we can analyze how we collect information and we can analyze how we act on the choices we make. The moment of choice itself remains as mysterious as all of life’s absolutes. At one instant you are still choosing; at the next you have chosen. And like all of absolutes, the moment of choice demands that we use more than logic if we are to engage it and learn from it. We need to step into our experience of choice and use every element in the neurological web that represents that experience to glean the patterns that will allow us to choose more effectively. We need to allow the information we encode in our bodies, the connotations woven into our language, and our complex system of touchstones and guideposts to become part of a single, unified experience of what it means to choose.

Tell yourself that you will catch yourself in the act of making a choice tomorrow.


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