Springing up from half-forgotten goals

It's Easter weekend, the days are longer and warmer, and the first flowers of spring are appearing in gardens. Spring flowers seem to pop miraculously into being. It's easy to forget that the flowers that bloom in April were planted in the fall . . . or maybe they were planted many years ago. All year, they rest underground, waiting for this time and this weather to bring them out of the earth and into blossom.

In a world where it is often difficult to remember what we did last week, it's a great reminder to think about what we planted last fall. Let your mind go back to before the snow began, before the long darkness of winter, and notice what you were hoping and planning then. Notice what is coming to achievement now that started then. Notice and enjoy the achievements that have been growing naturally while you thought about something else.

Not all goals come into being after a long period of apparent inactivity. Some are more like the annuals that can't be planted until May 24, and need attention throughout their short life cycle. You can look forward to the almost instant gratification of picking them out half-formed and bringing them to full flower within weeks. Which achievements will you pick this summer?


Good Company said…
If I could explain how I think, it might make sense. I just wanted to say that I grapple your subject matter and value your contributions.

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