What are you waiting for?

It's spring. The grass is bright green; the trees are starting to be green; the sun is sometimes warm. All winter, you have been promising yourself and others that things will be different once winter is over. It's over now.

Now we start the season of avoiding things until fall. "All I want to think about is having a great summer" we say, as if having a great summer meant the endless days of pools and playing fields we remember from early childhood. "All I want to think about" we say, as if we cannot think and enjoy the sunshine, the warm weather, the long days. "All I want" we say, forgetting all the things we want that we are putting on hold until fall.

What do you want from your life? Why do you want to perpetually put off what you want for a day when the weather will be better, the price will have dropped, the timing will be more convenient? What if you decided to do something this morning, this evening, this week? Something that you have promised yourself for a long time. Something that will require your energy and reward you with more energy. Something that you will love.

What if today is the best day, the day most appropriate for learning, for doing, for enjoying?


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