banana bread and getting what you want

This morning I bought a piece of banana bread at a cafe. It was dry. Later this morning, several people made charming comments about the fabulous banana bread I often make for the classes I train. Now it is nearly 10 and I am deciding how best to bake banana bread while catching enough sleep to guide my class tomorrow.

The banana bread is clearly an opportunity. For members of the class, it will be an opportunity to eat banana bread; for me it is now an opportunity to make a point about how outcomes get set and processed and turn into fresh baked goods; and to add some fun to the class, and to anchor yet another set of happy states to my banana bread.

The happy states are not in the recipe. They come after baking. And they change the taste and texture considerably. After I serve the banana bread, all the inexplicably happy people will shake their heads about how I do too much - and then they'll reach for seconds.


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