challenge for the week

We all know that there are things you just cannot get done in July. People are on holidays; people are on the golf course; people are longing for a tall drink on a hot evening. All of Canada seems to be in maintenance mode, concentrating on our brief fling with heat and sunshine.

If you look around your house or cottage, you will immediately notice a whole list of things that can only be done in summer. Gardening, window washing, and some kinds of painting are all made possible (or necessary!) while the sun in shining and the days are long. Space feels and looks different to us, and that opens up new possibilities.

What one thing will you notice in your working life this week that is only possible because it is summer? The more you focus your attention on that one thing that you will only be able to think or do because it is now July, the more other opportunities will open up as you look around and notice the business of summer.


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