getting a shift

It seems to me it might have been the word "shift" that caused riots in Dublin early in the 20th century. The word was enough to have a play condemned as indecent. "Shift" has more power than you might think.

Most people no longer shift gears - their cars do it for them. As long as shifts are automatic, you don't have to think about them. They just naturally align the pace your capabilities with the pace you want to go. If, like me, you drive a standard, then you need to be more aware of shifts (although you can drive automatically even with a manual transmission).

In our training, getting a shift means reaching peaceful coexistence with a person, quality or circumnstance that once had control of your feelings (and maybe even your behaviours). Getting a shift might mean looking back without wincing; it might mean looking forward with enthusiasm. We can achieve shifts where we could not achieve dramatic changes.

What will you shift tomorrow? How will a small movement change your direction and point you where you want to go next?


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