spin, feelings, and value

Someone asked me last night if I was aware of a technique for 'spinning' emotions in order to change them. The answer was no and yes.

No, I was not familiar with the particular kind of spin he referenced.

Yes, I know how to spin feelings. And points of view. And problems. I know how to spin things so that they look different and sometimes better. Like Michelangelo, I prefer communications that are suitable for viewing from a variety of angles: not just 360 degrees, but a full sphere of reference. Or, to put it another way, I like to turn communications on their heads (avoiding the challenge to my own balance) and see how they look different upside down.

Spin implies movement, and spinning things separates out different kinds of particles. Unless what you are spinning is yarn. I do like to spin a good yarn.

Spinning makes you dizzy and often induces travel sickness. Doesn't it?


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