have you heard the back to school ads yet?

We wait so long for summer, and then start looking to the fall as soon as we pass the halfway point. Hang on for awhile. One of the things we know about making change is that it is important to gather all the necessary resources without continually pulling back into problem mode. If you do not need to be thinking abou fall right now, don't. Stay with summer and enjoy the light, the warmth, and the shared excitement of outdoor events.

If you do need to look ahead to the fall, you can still be aware of separating the state in which you plan for the fall from the state in which you enjoy the summer. Think, for instance, of a choice you need to make in order to move your career forward. When you have thoroughly focused your attention on that choice, shake it off.

Now play hard. Play with all your attention. Play as if you had nothing else on your mind. Have nothing else on your mind but enjoying the long weekend. Allow yourself to connect with the people around you and give those connections your full attention.

When you get back to thinking about the coming months, you will find that things 'fall' into place.

Maybe that's how autumn got it's other name!


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