talk to a friend today

What would happen if we all admitted that we care - often deeply - about the work we do?

Make time today to talk to a friend. When you do, tell your friend about your work in a way that reveals why the work is important to you and how it makes a connection to your friend.

It doesn't matter if you are having a good day, a bad day, a routine day, a day of meetings. As you think about how to explain what you do to your friend (in more detail if s/he already knows or works with you, in less detail if you've never talked about what you do at work before) discover that element in the day that represents value. Consider the way you hold this value, and then think about what this value will represent to your friend.

Then talk to a friend. When you have his/her attention, share what you have done today that has value. Then allow him/her to respond, and focus your attention on noticing the response (not judging it!). Whether or not what you said seems to connect, notice what happens next. Allow your friend to direct the conversation, or sit in comfortable silence for a moment. Mirror expressions, posture or gestures. Take some time to allow what you have said to find its way into your friend's systems.

Later, remember to think back to the conversation and notice what changed.


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