Don't take any training if these apply

There are people who are guaranteed to not love training - ours or anyone else's. If you are one of these people, save your money. Not only will you be happier - so will your prospective classmates!

Don't take training if:

1) You are unwilling to learn. Training is not an opportunity to say "I told you so" or "I knew that before you were born." (Where, exactly, would you want to say those things?) If you already know everything you need to know, then take a bow (not a course).

2) You want something that you know is going to screw up your life. Perhaps you are looking for someone to tell you that this is the perfect time to have a fling - or to fling yourself out of a plane (with or without parachute). Training is not good for this. All training (especially ours) is about paying attention to all the information you have - even when it contradicts what you think you want.

3) You really don't like other people. Technically, I suppose, you could do correspondence or online training even if you don't like to connect. Yet even in those circumstances, you have to open yourself up to someone else's thoughts and experiences. If you are convinced that you already have the best of all possible thoughts and experiences, why open yourself up to something of lesser value? Find a way to isolate yourself. Sorry - this doesn't make you the teacher. Teachers and trainers have to be open to other people all of the time - connecting is the only way to teach effectively.

If these apply to you only in part, then you will only be uncomfortable for part of your training experience. Learning new things always allows you to make new choices, to experience more of yourself, and to make new connections with other people (this is true even of technical learning, although it would take too many words to explain why here). If you can handle a little discomfort, you'll go through some changes and come out with something positive. You'll probably even become (eventually) one of those people who love training.


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