inspiration and posting

It's been a week since my last post - but not because I have been uninspired. I have been running, and my inspiration has flowed - and flown - into other activities.

We ran an event on inspiration last weekend. No one is self-inspired - to breathe in, we must first be aware that the resources we need are outside of us. Most of what people consider dry spells or slumps are really just examples of looking for inspiration internally instead of externally.

Inspiration begins with noticing things outside our own skin and our own experience. We notice and then, as we do when we breathe, we make an exchange with what we have noticed. We take in some kind of energy or insight, and we send energy out into the world. That exchange sparks change and the change is either the result of our inspiration or the beginning of its manifestation.

The rest of dry spells can be explained as the "are we there yet" syndrome. The easiest way to make a journey last longer is to ask at regular, short intervals "are we there yet?" When we connect with something outside ourselves, we have a choice. We can focus attention on the connection, or we can focus attention on how the connection is affecting us. When we focus on ourselves, we ask, "are we there yet?" And we kill the inspiration.

Be inspired today. You know your own experience: notice something different. Begin with the obvious: I am sitting in a room. The room has a window. Outside the window are. . . Anyone, however uninspired, can make a list of what s/he is noticing.

Just notice. And then breathe.


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