What's stopping you?

It's not the most important question you can ask, but it is certainly in the top three. You know that there are things that you want, things that would be good for you, things that would make a difference for you and for people around you. There are things you are not doing. What's stopping you?

My husband tells a story about his first day lining up at the kindergarten door - and about the friend who pushed him through that door and into kindergarten. He's still not happy about being pushed; he is happy about education (he ended up with a Master's degree). His journey began not with a step, but with a nudge in the right direction.

A nudge in the right direction is often the difference between knowing what we need and going to what we need.

The first car I ever drove was an old standard. In its final years of service, in the days when the rain came up through the floorboard, it was often hard to get it started. Sometimes it needed help, and I would be grateful to hear the offer:

"Can I give you a push?"


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