get ready for grey

Grey is coming. Not in your hair: that is now a choice, not a fact of life. The grey that is coming will soak through your days as fall begins, and settles in, and turns into winter. There will be days of bright autumn colours; days of deep blue skies; days of dazzling white snow. And, before the world turns green again, there will be lots and lots of grey.

How do you prepare for days that begin and end in darkness, and never become brighter than a dull grey? Two kinds of people do well with the onset of this weather: people so immersed in ideas that they never notice their surroundings, and people who make an effort to achieve brightness in a grey world.

As I write, I am reminded that it is past time to connect my speakers and let music change the rhythm of my day. It takes an act of will to counter the rhythm of the rain, an intention to live in the sunlight whatever the weather is doing. I turn on the music, and I turn on the lights, and I invite those influences to soak into me as I continue with the chores and opportunities of the day. I try to move through the fog, knowing that I do not have to choose what I am given.

What do you do to counteract an environment that weighs you down and dims out your bright hopes and colourful thinking? Do you dispel the gloom for other people or search out the glow of people who laugh and create and make changes whatever the weather? You can escape into total immersion into any activity that captures enough of your attention, or you can notice that you feel as tired and grey as the weather. Then you can change how you feel - because your feelings are always and only yours. You get to have them, and you get to choose whether or not to hold them.

Above the clouds, the sun is shining. Let your thoughts carry your attention to a place where you can look upwards and outwards. It feels great. Or grab your best pudde-stomping boots and play with the water that wants to play with you. Either way, you can lift the grey just by deciding that's what you want to do.


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