Check your state before you check your book

I am sympathetic to people who believe they can run their lives out of Palm Pilots and other calendars. I love to-do lists and I am a great fan of stationery stores. It pleases me to make lists of outcomes and check them off. I do it when I'm not busy.

Do I walk the talk when the going gets really busy? Not so much. I don't feel bad about it, either.

Stop, I tell myself (and others, if they ask). Remember who you are and who you want to be. Take a deep breath. Notice what you really believe to be both urgent and important.

My house is not yet decorated for Christmas, but dinner was really good. There are sugar cookies in a Christmas tin, and more cookies waiting to be baked and decorated. The gifts and wrapping paper are mostly bought, which is not quite the same as the gifts being wrapped. There are fresh flowers. By Sunday night, there will be people and laughter and too many courses of lovely things to eat.

In the meantime, there are moments when I stop. I breathe. I remember who I am and what I truly believe to be both urgent and important. Sometimes, I even scribble a list.


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