inspiring the people around you

When was the last time you inspired someone? I woke this morning to a very rewarding email from a young man who thought that a conversation with me had filled him with motivation and belief in himself. He even noticed that it happened because I believed in him.

It was not hard. It did not take a lot of time or an outpouring of energy. I was no more clever than usual - usual for me, and usual for many, many others. I did adopt a rock solid presupposition that he was capable of doing what needed to be done. I did take a few minutes to focus entirely on him, to listen to him, to encourage him, and to make a practical plan with him.

If you think you are not capable of being inspiring, take another look at the list above. Can you:
1) act as if you believe that someone has the strengths s/he needs?
2) focus entirely on that person for a few moments?
3) listen attentively?
4) say something positive and encouraging?
5) see practical steps to take?

It doesn't look very hard, does it? You know you can do everything on the list.

Try putting the steps together. Watch for the smiles.



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