make a wish for the world

Thanks to Mike Murray ( for this link. When you visit, you can leave a wish for the world. The site sponsors will donate $1 to charity for every wish. The sponsor page explains how it works, and where the money will go. They were at about 90 comments when I checked: if you leave a wish, they'll be one dollar closer to one million.

When you make your wish, frame it as positive (something that will happen, not something that will no longer happen; something that will be, not something that will cease to be). Make it something you want for the world, a chance to notice something right that could be even better or even bigger, a chance to wish something into being that has not yet been.

As you wish, listen to your heart beat. You'll find you can hear it, steady and strong and true. You'll find you can notice that the rhythm of your heart is a signal you send to connect you to the world for which you are wishing.


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