Full Disclosure on Balance

While it's true that some of the practices we teach give some people a better sense of balance, the balance we offer is a quality of movement - like walking across a balance beam - not a quality of standing still. Moving forward does not require balance - it requires the ability to be out of balance in useful ways - to shift ad move and respond to changes in ourselves and our environment. We teach people to find the strength and flexibility to move easily in and out of balance so that they can move easily.

Being stopped is a state of balance. Balance is easy when you're not moving.

Flow states are highly productive. They seem like states of balance because they hold the attention on just one thing or activity. The trick for most people is not to enter the flow state or to stay there, but to step in and out of flow without irritation. Balance draws us out of flow, reminding us that we have multiple priorities. Can you be interrupted while in a flow state and get back to it when you choose?

Momentum creates challenges to balance. Look at the people around you who are really moving: you will notice that they are experts in choosing to move in and out of balance without loss of energy. The faster we are moving, the faster we need to move in and out of balance.


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