Full disclosure on work/life balance

Chris and I don't believe in work/life balance. We believe that people are meant to be fully awake and alive at work, at home, and out in the world. We do not believe that work is one thing and life is another. We like to work with people who are vibrantly alive.

We do believe in honouring our connections and our goals and our sense of direction. Notice that this is not the same as honouring our commitments: it is more than that. It means finding value in our connectedness with other people and acknowledging our influence within those connections. We do not balance our goals with our connections anymore than we balance our life with our work. We strive to be alive in all of our connections, and to shape appropriate connections that allow us to move toward our goals and be aware of our role in helping others move towards their goals.

We honour our connectedness sometimes by writing work emails late into the night, and sometimes by leaving work to be with family. When we do, we are moving toward something that makes us feel alive. We are not balancing anything.


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