Influence and .....

Linda and I were sitting down for dinner with one of our corporate clients the other day. Our client mentioned that they were reading the blog and loving it and had begun to notice that I have not made any entries on it.

It is true that I have not. However I found myself considering how that meeting has begun to influence me. Our clients observation came at a time where I had been starting to draft blog entries and getting ready to enter some here. Also I have been been preparing a short 40 minute keynote on Influence. Linda and I were talking about it.

When we begin planning our courses it often begins with a starting point that is in a form of a question. Like what is influence? (I know rocket science eh)

So I have been conducting a personal study by asking people that question. I have had all kinds of responses like influence is kindness, influence is making people do things, influence is motivating people to your way of thinking. All of these things sound correct even maybe good. Then Linda said "what is influence to you"? I said it's about connecting. She said connecting and ... ?

There was a long pause and then I heard "purpose". I agreed that it is. We said Influence is connecting with a purpose.

We are really excited about our networking with NLP event coming up on March 13 and one of the most exciting things for me is faciliting the patterns and processes of NLP and the fun filled games we have scheduled for you and discovering each and everyone one of your purposes to connect.

You see, our business client connected with me and us with them and the purpose was to think and share and experience past success and future plans. I was influence into to writing this because our client noticed and I had a purpose to start writing and Linda is a writer and a great teacher.

Needless to say it was a very influential dinner.



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