Mind reading


This is the link to Slate's weeklong issue on neuroscience this week (the pun in my title is theirs). I found the link on this blog: http://www.neurosciencemarketing.com/blog/, which I started following after (I think!) it was recommended by Mike Murray on his blog: www.episteme.ca.

This is the way the world wide web works: we begin reading one thing, and then follow different threads until we have covered much of the web (and maybe forgotten the thread where we started). Neural webs can be equally transient - some threads are as fine and easily broken as spider's silk. Yet we often remember (or re-weave) webs of startling detail - memories so vivid they feel like they are still happening; concepts that suddenly seem dazzlingly clear. As smart as the internet is, it does not always yield either the intensity or the stability of the webs we weave in our own minds.

So enjoy the links to reading about your brain - and enjoy the brain that is reading it.


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