My hard drive failed this week

One minute I was listening to Gershwin and writing email and the next minute - nothing. The computer no longer listed the hard drive as a possibility. I took the computer to the shop (this is a plug for Canadian Computer in Oakville - they have excellent service).

It turns out that the hard drive has failed and must be replaced - but since it's Memorial Day in the States, I might be without my main computer for another week. Apparently, this is how hard drives often fail - suddenly and without warning.

So I am suffering withdrawal and mild panic - only mild, because I ran a complete backup Monday evening and, with any luck at all, I will be able to restore most of the system mostly without effort (with luck, because I've never done it before). This also explains why the blog has been silent for so long this week, and why I won't be able to update my website for another week.

If you are an NLP Canada Training client, spread the word. We will have to reschedule the event on June 1, and I'll post updates on course announcements and schedules for June and July as soon as I am fully back online. I can reply to email, but I don't have access to my own email address book.

If you are not an NLP Canada Training client, what's up? Watch for the updates, and come visit us when you're in Toronto.


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