it's too darn hot

You have probably heard the Cole Porter song, "It's too darn hot."

It doesn't actually get that hot in most of our modern, air conditioned workplaces and homes. We are 'conditioned' to believe that we can control the atmosphere by cooling the air. It's not entirely true. Today is too darn hot in Toronto, and everyone notices something slow and sultry as they move through their days.

We always know the difference between what we can control and what is real around us. We do not suffer the heat in the same way when we are in artificially cool surroundings, and yet we feel the difference between a perfect summer afternoon and one that is too darn hot.

Think for a moment about your work. Notice the difference between the bubble that you can control and the forces that move around you. Things out of our control are simply that - they are not necessarily threatening and worrying about them has no impact at all on them. You can notice now that there is a kind of pleasure in connecting with those wider forces, just as there is a kind of pleasure in synchronizing your mood to the weather.

It's never too darn hot within the bubble. Within the bubble, you can do whatever you really want to get done. Sometimes what you want is to stretch lazily, turn your brain to "coast," and declare that it's just too darn hot.


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