It's Tuesday - how's your week going?

Are you so engaged in what you're doing that it's hard to remember the weekend? You might be engaged because you love what you're doing and you are easily wrapped up in it. You might be engaged because a thousand things went wrong yesterday and you are so busy putting out fires that you cannot imagine a day off.

This is the week when we have the longest days in our year. This is the week that we in the north have celebrated for millenia. Long days were a blessing long before they came to me too much work in too little time.

Reclaim the joy of the summer solstice. The sun is with us (even if it's behind a cloud as I write this). Days are long and warm and nature seems to be proclaiming solidarity with her most troublesome offspring (that would be human beings, if you had any doubts).

Get outside or look outside this evening. Notice the light. Notice the air against your skin. Think about summers when you were little enough so that the days lasted forever and stretched out without limits. Allow yourself to have time. Have a good time.


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