People who do things well

I had tea at the Wildflower Restaurant in Fonthill, Ontario on Friday. It's a lovely, gentle place that invites you to breathe and chat and savour. Wolfgang Sterr and his staff make sure that customers feel like guests - welcome, special, and worth a little extra care. Visit them, or call ahead and pick up a picnic to take out into the wonderful Niagara parklands.

You will find the Wildflower online at If you follow the link to the Mason Jar, you'll also be able to order organic and environmentally friendly food and other products.

Someone close to my heart has also been working hard to ensure that audiences enjoy his performances this week. My son, Cary Ferguson, is performing in Hamilton on June 13, 14 and 15. It's a program of two short plays - The Devil's Parole, and Never Swim Alone. You can find out more (and reserve tickets) at

And finally, a series of events today reminded me how rare it is to find really terrific customer service. So this is one more plug for my friends at Canadian Computer ( For many years now, I've had my Apple computers serviced there (and I buy them there, too!). They really do consistently under promise and over deliver (see Seth Godin's blog


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