What do you do?

I train people in NLP and integrated thinking.

What's NLP?

It's a different way of learning and communicating so that people are better at paying attention to themselves and other people. NLP teaches people to make stronger connections between what they notice and what they want.

Why is that useful?

People use NLP for mental fitness in the same way that they use a gym for physical fitness. It allows them to work through practices with a coach so that they live healthier lives and, sometimes, so that they perform better in competition. People who practice NLP are better at getting what they want.

Is it proven?

Nope. It's just like poetry and philosophy, management theory and much of the social sciences. There's a huge amount of evidence but no scientific "proof." There is a lot of scientific evidence that the brain works the way NLP says it works. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that people who do the exercises get results.

What's integrated thinking?

Integrated thinking is what you do as a result of practicing NLP with good coaches. You notice details and the way they are structured into patterns and enclosed in frames. You notice more about the trees and you see the forest at the same time. You notice that you get results when you put things together in the best way and that you get stuck when you fixate on one thing at a time.

Is it really that straight-forward?



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