Is it easy to get motivated this week?

For most people, this is the final week of summer. Although the calendar says that fall begins late in September, most of us count the day after Labour Day as the first day of the new season. All the things we wanted to do this summer now must be crammed into these final five days.

Are you motivated to enjoy these days or to cram them with activity? Does the coming change in pace and focus make you more motivated or less motivated? Do you notice a difference between being motivated and getting things done?

The change of seasons always provides a great moment in which to catch ourselves dealing with transition. Some of us are frozen in the moment, waiting for a signal that change has already happened. Some of us are whirlwinds of activity, rushing between what has been and what is coming next. Some of us are steadily putting in place the conditions we need to take our next steps.

There is no "right" answer, except whatever answer you give after honest, open consideration of what you are really doing and thinking and experiencing this week. This is your brain in transition - what are its particular strengths?


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