monday morning

How will your week begin? Your Monday morning can be full of promise or full of problems. Some of its quality depends on things beyond your control. Less than you think.

If you can admit the possibility that things can go wrong, that the best laid plans of mice and men often end on the rubbish heap, that no one is really in control - if you can admit that Murphy's law governs our best efforts then - logically

You must also admit the possiblity that in a world of random happenings, some surprises are pleasant and sometimes we are saved from ourselves and sometimes the plans that do not work are the plans that should not have worked. So -

You - and I - are left to make a choice. It is Monday morning early, and the week has not yet really begun. There is no indication that either promise or problems will win the day. It is up to you- and me - to choose. Promise or problems?


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