Thoughts for Samhain

Have you ever been away with the fairies? It's a Celtic term for daydreaming or, more accurately, for drifting deep into the unconscious mind. On Samhain, the Celtic precursor of Halloween, the worlds of people and faerie came close together, the boundaries blurred, and creatures from both sides crossed edges and got lost. It's a good reminder that the unconscious is not the answer to all our problems: it is wonderfully beautiful and strange and powerful, but it is not always the answer.

Maybe you know someone who has danced at the ball of the fairy queen, someone so wrapped up in the wonders of an inner vision that the rest of the world seems strangely dull and plain. These are people who would rather paint lovely pictures of what could be than take one mundane step towards making a change in their lives. They are the people who believe in world peace - but not in making peace with their neighbours.

Maybe you know someone who has squandered three wishes, or whose riches have turned to dust (as fairy gold always turns to dust in the pockets of mortals). These are the people who have a creative spark so bright it illuminates in a flash, and then goes dark, the one-hit wonders, the has-beens and the never-quite-weres.

Maybe you know someone who has lived a better story - someone who has visited the realms of faerie and brought back, through force of will and force of heart, the one thing that she needed most that was hidden therein. These tend to be stories of women, who go deep and go smart and integrate the two worlds through the power of sustaining love and laughter.

As the evening grows late, and the spirits come knocking, remember that kindness, common sense and a good heart will do more than keep you safe - they'll gain you lasting gifts on a night of tricks and treats.


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