Can't believe it's already Thursday?

The pace of life can be crazy, and the distance between Monday morning and Friday evening seems to get shorter all the time. It could be part of the aging process- I know that time speeds up as we slow down - but my kids tell me the same thing. We are all rushing from one project or appointment to the next; we are all caught up in a current that makes it harder to stop than to keep moving.

Within the current, it requires enormous strength and effort to change direction or to slow down. The point of rest is the point at which we are able to relax and go with the flow, to exert just enough force to keep our heads above water. The way to go with the flow is typically to take relaxed, regular breaths and to relax all the muscles that are not acting to keep our heads up.

The easiest way to change direction, or to rest in one place, is to step out of the current. Since the current that is pushing us forward is the product of our expectations interacting with the world's expectations, we can step out of it by clearing our minds of all expectations. We can take a few moments to simply be.

Take a deep breath. As you let it out slowly, let all your thoughts out with it. Let your mind be still. It will start again in a moment and discover you have given it fresh resources and fresh perspective. Try it one more time. A breath in. Gather your thoughts. A breath out. Let go of your thoughts.

Repeat as necessary.


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