Stop right there

That's what my back told me Friday. Apparently teaching really was back-breaking work last week. I woke up unable to straighten up. It was definitely time to stop moving forward and think.

There was a time when I believed thinking involved words and clarity and perhaps writing or charts. There was a time when I would have assumed that what I was reading about was what I was thinking. There was a time when I thought that resting and thinking were different activities.

It aint necessarily so.

Sometimes I still think in words - lots of them. And sometimes what I am reading makes me sit up straight and take note.

On Friday, and through this weekend, thinking meant allowing my body to be still and the voice in my head to chatter. I knew the real work was going on underground - I could feel the current of thought and preparation moving just below the noise I was hearing. When it needed more space, I went to sleep.

Sometimes there is top much to do to be busy. Sometimes the fastest way forward is to stop for a moment.


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