Mixed messages

As I look out my window, I am struck by the mixed up nature of December. The weather is dreadful: cranky and dull and generally in a bad mood. It is not majestic or powerful or brutal: it is just ugly outside today.

But. Tonight there will be lights - small and bright and tacky and lovely. Excitement.

Somewhere in its soul, the world knows that the darkest night is coming and we will need a little light to fight it off.

Somewhere in it soul, the world knows that the energy of bright growing things is just below the surface, waiting.

The winter is coming. It will be cold and it will be dark and it will be discouraging. We will need the silliness of lights and moderately tacky decorations. We will need to look at the ground and know that the energy that runs underground is growing, slowly, inexorably.

We will need to look at the mixed message and let ourselves be pleased by its promise.


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