Stepping Back into the Flow

It has been a while since my last post. As I tell my students, sometimes life happens. We've been making exciting plans for our business; a term ended at the college; Christmas came and went, but the holidays go on. Depending on one's point of view, I have either been caught up in the flow of my life or I have stepped outside it for a few days. What is incontrovertible is that the life of which this blog is part moves to a different rhythm than the life that has been claiming my energy and attention.

There are always points of connection. At a party recently, I spoke with a music student and an English student about the way rhythm defines relationships. As you move through the next few days, watch the people who are having an impact. Notice the way they change the rhythm when they enter a group or leave it. Notice that the flow is different because of them. Notice that the flow of our own day or thoughts changes in their presence.

Masters of rhythm guide without directing. We are aware of their impact on us before we are aware of them. They speed us up or slow us down; they keep us steady or slightly off-beat. In their presence, we are more aware of pattern, of motif, of connection. They may be leaders by virtue of what they think. They are certainly leaders by the way they make us think.

This week, you may find yourself coasting or just a little out of step. Whatever your work or your celebrations, your rhythm will be adjusting to the adjustments all around you. Your sense of time will shift. With awareness and with luck, you will find mastery within you. You will move to different rhythms as surfers move with different waves. With awareness and with luck, you will find mastery around you and allow someone else's rhythm to move you to different activity or new perspective.


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