Closer to God in Laughter

If you are not someone who believes in God, or at least enjoys thinking about the possibilities, then come back in a few days and I will have an entirely secular post.

If you're still reading, then I hope you're ready to smile. Whatever the specifics of one's faith, it seems to me that most religions are interested in power and precision as attributes of the Divine. Whatever, whoever, you believe God is, you are likely to believe that God is capable of mastering (and moving between) both the greatest of big pictures and the smallest of tiny details. God has both power and precision.

Human beings, on the other hand, have to sell one to buy the other. We can have power or precision - but not usually both at the same time. Maybe this is why it is easy for us to understand God in terms of the BIG ISSUES in our lives and so much harder to recognize him in the lightest, most ephemeral of experiences. We are not used to power that appears with the lightest, most precise of touches.

We know that laughter lightens the heart - and we mostly have a concept of God that incorporates light in some way. Why is it that we so seldom notice, when we are laughing, that we are close to God?

Laughter is improbable and inexplicable. It connects us, synchronizes us, energizes us. Some people believe that it heals.

Is it hard to believe that God is close to us when we are laughing?


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